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Heirloom Seeds For Emergency Preparedness

If wanting to have the healthiest food storage out there for preparedness it would be good to purchase heirloom seeds and be growing your own garden if possible.  Why heirloom seeds?  Because of so much genetically changes in vegetable seeds or any seeds you would not be eating the highest quality food that would keep you healthy in troubled times.  Heirloom seeds in most cases have been documented and handed down from generation to generation in families keeping the purity of the seeds from being genetically changed or crossed hybrid with them.  Its almost impossible today though to keep your vegetables pure from other fields pollination that have been genetically changed or altered.  We can only hope that we have pure seeds such as heirloom seeds for the best produce production. Also another consideration is to verify that these seeds are organically grown.  With all the pesticides and sprays used today, you wonder how healthy your foods are that you buy commercially.  Just more reasons to grow your own organic heirloom seeds into produce if in the circumstance of doing so. Of course any fruit and vegetable seeds for growing in your own garden for survival would be better to have than no food at all for storage.

Heirloom vegetable seeds can be bought in most all the different varieties you can think of from tomatoes to fruit trees. A little searching online can bring up many seed merchants that you can order from for your storage or growing.  Seeds could come hard to come by in trouble times and would be good to have them being used in your garden or have them in storage for when needed.  Heirloom seeds or any seeds are best when stored in cool, dark and dry places.

Once using you heirloom seeds for growing it would be good to know how to extract your seeds for next years plantings. Also how much of your produce do you save for retrieving the seeds and also each plant produces different amounts of seeds. There are many sources of information online and books that can show how this is done and will give you the information needed do this.

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