Honda CRX 1986 Electric Vehicle (EV)

This is a newly converted plugin electric1986 Honda CRX with a 5 speed transmission which has been built to sell.  It has 262992 miles on the original car odometer. The new electric motor is made by D&D motor systems #ES_15A, and its rated at twelve HP continuous and forty HP Peak at 72 VDC. It has a Alltrax 72 VDC controller that can be wired to a USB port of a computer / laptop for stats, adjustments, etc. with a RS232 cable found at Radio Shack. There are nine new 8 volt batteries that are installed in this vehicle running at 72 volts. It will come with a new 5-10 amp (adjustable voltage 12-72 VDC) battery charger and a 1-2 amp float charger for the accessory battery. It has installed a DC volt meter and amp meter on the dash for easy readings. This car will out perform any GEM car by its speed being that they only get 25 MPH top. Speeds up to 55 MPH can be reached with this EV, which is what I got with this car with recent testing.  Faster speeds (55 to 60 MPH) can probably be obtained in warmer weather being that there is a 25% loss in efficiency with the batteries in cold weather which we are currently having. Also because the brushes on the motor are new, once they are worn in it will pick up speed and range.  It will get between 25 to 50 miles on a charge depending on driving habit, your speed, terrain, etc.  As the batteries cycle through after 16 to 20 charges there will also be a noticeable difference in the range per charge.  Normal car parts for this car are easily accessible at your local auto dealers, which is not the same with the GEM cars.  All the electric parts that are made with this EV are made here in the USA.  The Alltrax Controller used has a two year warrantee and Series Motor has a warrantee also. This is a great run around electric car for most your local driving including driving to work.   Recent studies show that most people average 29 miles per day in driving.  This car is sold as-is.  Additional $1,000 onto cost if wanting to make it a hybrid. If you have any questions please email Allen at   








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