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Hydration Packs For Emergency Preparedness

Hydration back packs could come in quite handy if you were in a situation that you need to travel some distant by foot and were having to procure supplies that was needed in a disaster area, etc.  You may want to have some hydration back packs handy for short term situations where you had to leave quickly and could only take a few supplies with you; water being crucial for your survival.  Information for other water storage containers click here.

Hydration packs come in different sizes and their volume to hold fluid, comfort of design, total weight and prices. Some of these options might not be too much of a concern in relation of emergency situations but as far as capacity to hold fluid you would probably want to choose hydration back packs that hold sufficient amount for your circumstance as well as the different ages of your family or those who you are with. Hydration packs reservoirs will hold anywhere from 60 to over 200 oz. of fluid.

Shopping for hydration packs can be found at most large outdoor gear store with knowledgeable sales staff that could be helpful in choosing the right ones for you. Online there are many reputable brands and shopping sites that have large selections to choose from also.  Where ever you consider buying hydration back packs check their guarantee and return policy that they have so that if you find something wrong with them you could easily get a return or exchange.  Plan on spending anywhere from $30 to over $100 on a complete hydration pack system. A complete system includes a reservoir for fluids, a pack to carry the reservoir in, and any necessary tubing and flow valves. Look for durability so your not going to have it fall apart on you on the first time of use. You can find a good hydration back pack for as little as $30 that holds about 70 oz. of fluid - enough water for a long-distance hike if needed.

Consider also the importance of the following features on a hydration pack: ease of cleaning, capacity to hold other gear, a drip-free valve, and a full-length side zipper for ease of loading a full reservoir.  For comfort, look for ergonomically designed and padded shoulder straps; sternum and waist straps to keep the pack steady; and breathable lining to keep you cool during hot days. They also make lumbar-style hydration packs for the center of gravity to be low, such as in mountain biking. These are similar to fanny packs and have extra space for a jacket or other needed supplies.  In cold conditions they make hydration back packs that have insulated tubing to prevent freezing and are designed to fit underneath a parka.  

If money was a issue for you, you could consider just purchasing a reservoir that will fit inside a backpack and converting it to a hydration pack. These reservoir run as low as $10 or $15 and allow for maximum versatility.  Backpacks can also be found cheap at a local thrift stores and local shopping centers.




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