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Solar Power Battery Chargers

With power going out because of some natural or manmade disaster, would you be able to have flashlight and radio power for long periods of time for those times of emergency.  With solar power battery chargers you could constantly have power as long as the sun is shining and would be able to power the necessary equipment until power could be restored.  Solar powered radios and solar power flashlights are also available but a regular flashlight or radio would work great by having a solar power battery charger and batteries.

There are a few different solar powered battery chargers available and will work fine for charging your chargeable batteries.  In most cases the solar powered battery chargers with bigger panels with higher wattage will charge your batteries much quicker and might be a better choice if wanting many batteries charged in a shorter time. Anything of course would be better than nothing. Make sure though, that if you do get a larger solar panel that you have the right converter for charging smaller batteries.  For example, with a 12 volt solar panel which would normally be used to charge car batteries, etc., you would have to invest into an AC to DC converter so you could plug in a regular battery charger at the 110 volts that USA standard appliances use.  By going that route you would have to acquire the solar panel, converter, 12 volt battery and a regular battery charger, which might be more expense than you want to spend.  Of course the advantage is your batteries will be charged at a much quicker rate and many more appliances could be used. But for using your regular solar power battery chargers your prices begin at $7.00 and up, which is much more affordable.  It all just depends on what you want to power up.  In any case solar power battery chargers are quite affordable.

Many of solar powered battery chargers will take both the NiMH & NiCD and charge all the different size batteries of  AA, AAA, nine volt, D, C and odd batteries also.   It would be wise to stock up on rechargeable batteries that you would be using for your radios, flashlights, etc that you own. Many of them have a built-in blocking diode prevents reverse flow of electricity from the battery to the solar panel during storage or night time, when sunlight is not available. Also many of them have polycarbornate transparent cover which is water resistant.   It would be good to check these different options when buying solar powered battery chargers.  Many places online sell them as well some local retail stores.


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