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Trendy Maternity Supplies

With trendy maternity supplies of today finding these emergency supplies that are needed shouldn't be too much of a trial to search for and can be found at your local stores. Of course any maternity supplies you can find and get a hold of will work.  You just want to make sure that you will have everything you need in those times that everything has gone haywire. Maternity supplies might not always be accessible as with most everything else during those times.  There might not be a doctor or midwife close by to help deliver so being prepared might also include have some basic knowledge of delivering a baby and how to use the different maternity supplies when needed.

Here is a list of materials that you would want for birthing as well as during your pregnancy.  Some of these maternity supplies you might all ready have or don't need.  Of course the more you have, the better your situation will be in those times of emergency.



Maternity Supplies

Motherhood maternity clothes

Maternity jeans

Maternity bras and underwear

Maternity pillow

Maternity reference book

Maternity belt





Birthing Supplies

Birthing Book (Very Important if never delivered a baby)


Witch Hazel

Hydrogen Peroxide

1 or 2 dozen of Depends

24 Chux - blue disposable pads

Sanitary napkins

Peri bottle

3 oz. Bulb syringe (boil 20 min to sterilize)

Clear sterile plastic (shower curtain liner) or plastic mattress cover

Garbage bags

Rubbing alcohol

Large bowel for placenta

Cayenne powder or capsules

15 to 20 gauze 4x4 squares

1 roll paper towels

1 roll or box tissues


2 fitted sheets to fit delivery bed     (Linens [excluding pillows] should be sterilized and placed in sealed bags until delivery)

1 or 2 top sheets to fit delivery bed

6 clean towels

8 washcloths

Diapers and clothes for baby


Pillow cases

Plastic bags to cover pillows

Optional Birthing Supplies

Birthing Tub

Bendable straws

Blessed oil




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